Commission Artwork

Are you looking for something in particular? 

I regularly do commission artwork for clients who are seeking a piece with the perfect colors for their home or a particular dimension. When it comes to creating an original artwork I will discuss colours, dimensions and different finishes with you.

You can provide me with photographs of the room or setting in wish you intended to display your new artwork. This way, I can create a mock up to show you just how your new piece would sit in the area! This can help when it comes to choosing dimensions and colour pallet.

Please keep in mind that with my style of work it is impossible to achieve two artworks exactly the same. Colour scheme and certain styles can be used as a guide but an exact replica of anything you may have seen before is not possible. Each piece is unique. With my technique there is no way of knowing exactly how it will turn out and that is half the excitement and beauty of having an original artwork.

When an artwork is created for you, it is a one-off piece. Whilst small sections of my artworks may be used in print form no one will ever have the exact same piece as you!

Terms & Conditions for Custom Orders

When an artwork is commissioned I require a non-refundable deposit before work commences. This can be paid via direct debit unless arranged otherwise. 

When placing a custom order th expected turn-around time for your piece will be around 6-8 weeks depending on current workload. (unless agreed otherwise with the client.)

The remaining balance of your order will be due when the artwork is completed.The artwork remains the property of The Little Things Design until payment is made in full. 


Please feel free to email me at for a quote, for more information or to set up a meeting.